Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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    Why Did Polymer80 Get Raided?

    ATF definitely just went to steal sales records so they know who has them. I can see this point very clearly.
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    Why Twitter is Censoring Tweets?

    Well if you think about it. The information they are trying to censor is the information you need to know.
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    DDMP pdw fully accessorized

    Handgrip is Daniel defense. It came standard when u buy the ddm4 pdw
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    DDMP pdw fully accessorized

    Realistically, about 2k with all the bargaining I did, for both guns.
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    DDMP pdw fully accessorized

    DDM4 pdw is finally fully accessorized! - EOTEch EXPS3 - EOTech G33 - Modlite PLHv2-18350 -Mbus Pro BUIS -SLR carbon fiber panels - Strike Industries LINK curved foregrip Still waiting for other upgrades for my Sig Sauer MPX-K, then I’ll post the final product 🙂
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    2nd Amendment Memes

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    Conservative Memes

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    Conservative Memes

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    Conservative Memes

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    AR 15 to M16

    Hey has anyone one here ever converted an AR 15 into M16? They’re so closely related in some ways, and I was wondering how to go about making changes to mine. Obviously I want to keep it completely safe and not cut any corners, but if it’s possible I think this would be a great project for me to...