Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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    Why Did Polymer80 Get Raided?

    Do you really think the ATF (or the government) gives a crap about the law? In for a penny, in for a pound. Infringement is infringement. If you press this, or it comes to a head, they will just change the law (and make it worse). I can't believe people still think the government is just...
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    Why Did Polymer80 Get Raided?

    Simple, just assemble the kit in court without finishing the lower and try to fire it.
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    Are you holding off next gun purchase till Biden gets in the office?

    That's true, keeping the senate if we can won't stop the ATF from pulling that crap.
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    2nd Amendment Memes

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    2nd Amendment Memes

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    AR 15 With a Folding Stock

    Simple question, but one I can’t find an answer to, anywhere. Where can I buy an AR 15 with a folding stock, guys? I’ve wanted to add one to my collection for a while, but I’m pretty bad with local laws, regulations and just my options for where to get quality firearms. Maybe one of you could...