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AR 15 For Sale Military Discount


Hey guys, I am a veteran who has served our great country for many years. I know there are some online shops offering military discounts, which I could very much use. If you guys would be so kind as to drop any lists of websites that offer good discounts for military or veterans, it would not only help me but also other guys who are looking for the same thing. I appreciate you guys and, as always, cheers.


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I think every single online store takes care of the veterans well. In order to find out, just contact the support and ask them, hi I am looking for a veterans discount code, I can’t seem to find it. Can you please provide me with the code? They will give it to you if they have it. Which mostly they do. If they don’t, go to another company and they will have it.


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You can also Google, company name + coupons and normally search engines will present the search results to be coupons of any of those companies.


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If you visit all the AR15 online stores you can subscribe to their newsletter and receive all sorts of promotional emails you can use to act on. I do this and way I do it is by having a separate gmail account made and dedicated just to receiving promotional offers right into my inbox.


If someone is not appreciating veterans by sparing them a % discount then those companies don’t deserve to be part of honorable network of firearm community.

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There should be a website somewhere out there that focuses on military ppl. Special prices but only military people can buy.