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Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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I've been waiting to join this community for 3 months now. Thank you mods for finally approving me. Can't wait to contribute and share my thoughts with other members.


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Some badass profile skins on this forum.

Greetings community members. I am diggin the vibes here.


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I am a gun nut. That's pretty much it about me. I am a proud American. I support the shit out of 2nd Amendment right and I have no tolerance for idiots and uneducated morons. Sorry had to state that out there, many people on social media and on Internet are pretty much morons but this community seems to attract some descent talent.


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I am excited to join this forum. I am looking forward to the future of evaluation and can’t wait to see this community grow.


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I registered on this forum about 3 months ago, my account was just approved today. Little long of a wait but hey it was worth it. Thanks for the approval mods.


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I have two career's one is during the day and another one is during the night.

The first career: I am a Range Officer who is responsible for the safety of all my customers and staff. I have extensive knowledge about the operation of firearms of all types, and I may be called upon to offer assistance for shooters using the lanes. My primary duty is to organize, conduct and supervise safe shooting activities and range operations for all shooters at all times. And I sometimes will provide Range orientation for new members and By Day shooters. I also ensure that the entire facility and all operations are maintained at the highest standards.

The second career: I am a Cyber Security Specialist. Some of the things I am normally responsible for is, providing security during the development stages of software systems, networks and data centers. My job is also to search for vulnerabilities and risks in hardware and software. I manage and monitor any attacks and intrusions.

You might say, I have a pretty crazy schedule. I do and I am proud of it. Now I am part of a start up AR community. I am excited to see where things will go in future.

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I have two career's one is during the day and another one is during the night.
Respect bro. I know how much work the cyber side of the world takes and I also know how much effort and work being ranger officer takes. I am sure you'll bring this community some serious value. At least you seem like the type a guy that would.

I am a gun enthusiast and 2nd amendment supporter. I love building guns as a hobby and working towards doing something great for the firearm community. I will do my best to try to educate as much as people as I can on here.


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I am one of those guys that buys shit ton of ammunition, firepower and survival items for the zombie apocalypse or whatever the hack might come on its way in the future. I am ready, I am prepared. I think I belong to the online firearm forums. I’ve met some sweet, respectful and wise people on these boards across different sites. I know this forum just now got started but I think it will grow well and community members will only get stronger together.


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I am new to AR-15's ..welll sort of... I spent 11 1/2 years in the Army, shooting various versions of the M-16/M-4 platform... but never owned a civilian version until a couple weeks ago. Bought an anderson set, complete lower, and complete upper in 5.56/.223, in a carbine length format. I've already added a set of flip up 'iron' sights, and a basic Pinty Red-dot. I'm waiting on a Delta-ring wrench to allow me to swap out the base round handguard with a Magpul M-lok one... I have NEVER felt a spring tension that high on ANY of the various rifles I've ever been assigned. I may be looking for stock and sling ideas soon.