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Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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Hi guys, was doing some Google search for new communities. Came across this website. Looks like the community is really getting built here. Thanks for approving me can't wait to join some boards.


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Hello friends. I joined this forum for the purpose of documenting my firearm journey and especially sport shoot with the excellent AR-15 platform firearms.

I am a proud owner of AR-15 firearms, I can truthfully say that my rifles are excellent for sport shooting. I know many others that enjoy, recreate and target shoot with these excellent firearms. If you compete or target shoot with the AR-15 or its variants, I would love to see your journey as well as others.


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hello all my name is David new to long guns just got my first ar-15 plenty of mahd and plenty or rounds just looking for easy but beneficial mods


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Super excited to be part of this forum. Little about me, I love fishing and hunting and competitive shooting.

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What's up community. Just joined this forum. I am going to drop couple of reviews of some companies I had some experience ordering from and try to answer some unanswered questions around the boards.


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I am a huge supporter of our constitution and especially the 2nd amendment. I am happy to join this great community of people.


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Just came across this AR15 forum because the administrators at ar15.com are nazis about who your email account provider should be. I own over 30 firearms, mostly semi-auto handguns, but i also own 2 AR-15s, 2 PCC’s, 2 shotguns, and 3 conventional rifles. I’m here to share and exchange my knowledge of firearms with the knowledge of others here on the forum.
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