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Florida sheriff encourages residents to shoot looters breaking into homes

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Hello all. I've been building ARs for a while. Really enjoy it in my retirement years. Big fan of S&W revolvers and Glock semi autos.
I hand load for most everything I shoot.


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Hey guys! We are a community. Introduce yourselves here!
Greetings Programs,
Wasn't sure I joined the right forum for a minute, but finally found the AR related section. I'm not new to fire arms between military and law enforcement careers, but never had/built my own AR before.

My oldest Son gave me a Smith and Wesson M&P 2 in 5.56/.223. Of course I have already started upgrades. M-16 bolt carrier, red dot sights, Magpul sling and hand guard, new butt stock that holds a magazine. Basic cosmetics and setting it up for better performance as I look at adding a geisle trigger and adjustable gas block next. The more I play with it, the more I learn. I also found a local gun Smith to get some hands on tribal knowledge. My next project will be to start upgrading the entire lower and barrel.

Looking forward to learning and sharing with you guys...