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Magpul Industries Reviews



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Magpul has a solid product.
I never had bad experience ever buying from this company.
Only time I would say I had a negative experience was when I bought Magpul products from 3rd party companies and it wasn't even a product issue it was the delayed shipping, no response from customer service representatives and if I ordered a kit that had Magpul grip or stock, I've had times where my grip was missing or stock. Overall Magpul is a good company, had very good products and I am always open to buying more shit from here.


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Magpul is a good company. I have never been ripped off from these guys. Order gets delivered fairly fast and they offer exceptional customer service.


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So I bought Magpul Rifle Bipod. I am not going to sugar coat this, the product is decent but it's not perfect. The only reason people are even buying this Bipod is because it says MAGPUL on it and people believe in the company. This Bipod is NOT precise at all for target shooting. It requires lots of play in virtually, every adjustable mechanism when fully tight. I personally do not recommend this product.


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I am a big fan of buying from MAGPUL. They are a solid company with great customer care and TOP QUALITY PRODUCTS.

My recent purchase from here happens to be MOE STOCK and MOE GRIP.

They look and feel great. Fast shipping time and product feels very satisfying.



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I just got this grip. Hopefully it will look good on my AR. Been seen a lot of people use these and their builds look pretty dope.


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