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Patriot Arms of NW Florida Reviews



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I was scrolling through some posts on this website and noticed Patriot Arms of NW Florida mentioned in the recently posts section. I actually have bought from here believe it or not.

I am from Arizona originally and I live here as well. It was about early February I was visiting my Aunt in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. This is where their physical store is located.

I was trying to buy some ammunition but everyone was having a supply shortage problem at the time. Patriot Arms was the only place in 150 mile radius that had ammunition available. I came in there and bought 5.56 ammo. I was very happy with how I was treated and even happier knowing the fact I bought what I came in there to buy for. As a harsh recommendation for this company I would say they need to get a better website. It’s confusing to find information or go through what products they have available in-store on what they currently have. Other then that, good store to shop at and good people to deal with!