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Polymer80 Reviews



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I’ve been buying from Polymer80 for while now. I can say that they have a very good customer service, quick and solution based. This company is absolutely fast with their shipping even during the pandemic they managed to do great job. They are not thieves and their products are quality. I believe they stand for what they do in the company and I’m excited to write this review because I’ve had such a wonderful experience with this company.


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I also had a good experience using Polymer80. I recently just completed my 2nd order with them and got nothing but great customer service. The product is quality and super eager to complete my new P80 project.


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Quality merchandise and good value for the money. The product is super easy to work with and customer service is super responsive. Definitely 5 stars for P80 team.


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If you like to build yourself then this company has all you need. I personally love their products, I think they have good value for the price and customer service is very helpful. I can honestly say that I’m a satisfied customer who will come back and buy again.


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Not to brag or anything but I’ve actually purchased from Polymer80 about 6 times now. Full size and compact, Great DYI products, if you can follow directions from a decent YouTube video you will have no problem building one these, great prices, good customer support and I’d say they are in top tier products out there for sure.

Frankie J

iv built at least 12 in 2020 alone, so.... ya well worth the money. very well made highest quality. most anyone selling any Glock 19 or 23 lowers are selling you a P80 lower setup under different names. they key is getting a cool set, slide barrel trigger kit etc... that is all your own style. lots of options available on the market for the P80


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I can say that Polymer80 has some quality pistol kits. I've done fare share of shopping buying from this company.


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You know I used to be heavily skeptical about my p80 when I got it, but all it takes is shooting it to work out those initial kinks. I think everyone should have at least a little experience with a p80 for their pure accessibility and ease of building.

Shawn Laselle

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I can't believe P80 just got raided by the ATF.
I just bought couple of things from them, hopefully they are able to deliver it to me.
I'll be sad if they shut down Polymer80.