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Polymer80 Reviews



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After hearing that these guys got their door raided by the feds I was afraid to purchase from them but I did anyways. I got my products just like I ordered them. The shipping time was solid and you can never go wrong with P80s products.


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I just bought a P80 frame form Polymer80. Quick shipping and handling and delivery time. I wish they had cool slides though which would be awesome but unfortunately had to get the slide I wanted elsewhere. I’m gonna post the photo of my handgun after I finish completing it.


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I can share my experience purchasing Polymer 80 frame kit. As you can see from my photo my choice of color was black. Ive built many handguns from P80 kits before. They are extremely easy to work with and it takes me no more than about 25 minutes to finish one up. When you buy the kit it comes with frame, jig kit and drill bits. P80 has good customer service and pretty affordable pricing. The product is also quality and reliable. I’ve never had any bad experience buying from this company.


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I just completed a sick build with P80 parts. I am very happy and will recommend this company to buy from.


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I love Polymer80. They really made a difference in the market. I’ve built over 7 different P80 builds in the past 2 years which I am really proud of. They shoot well, haven’t had too many problems just some miscellaneous stuff But no big deal. I’ve never bought a complete P80 build before but ended up doing it last week.

This is a Polymer80 Model: PFS9 / Caliber: 9mm obviously the color is FDE. If you didn’t know this particular handgun is identified as Polymer80 Glock 17 for those of you who didn’t know. They will never write that on their site or the product but that is what it is.

I haven’t shot this baby yet but from what I have heard and seen, it suppose to shoot great. Couple of my close friends love this particular handgun and I am excited to try it out myself. I might post some videos on my YouTube channel on it. I’ll toss a link in here in case I do.