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What AR 15 Stands For?


Not morally, but just the word AR 15. What does it actually stand for? I was thinking Assault Rifle 15 because, well that honestly gets thrown around a lot, right? But people seem not to respond well to that. Can someone please tell me a little history around the AR 15? And why was it named what it is named?


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Many people think that's what it stands for. This is why education in the 'gun' world is very important for all civilians. It stands for "Armalite model 15.


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I hope that same question is not going to be asked 100x per day as this community develops into more advanced and bigger.

Frankie J

AR is for "Armalite", but further its used incorrectly to identify the vast majority of the 80% market. the Vast Majority of the 80% uppers and lowers are not AR but rather DPMS modeled parts which in turn had been modeled after the AR-15 parts but with very critical differences that can cause compatibility issues. AR uppers can fit to a DPMS lower but not vise versa.